Why not me?

It’s not just a question. It’s a philosophy to live by.

The single greatest difference between those at the top, and everyone else, is their conviction that they deserve to be there.

Think about it. Even among the best and the brightest, there are those who stand out. Why? What is that intangible factor pulling them inexorably towards success?

How does a man like Donny Deutsch turn your standard American print shop into a $300 million dollar creative marketing agency? Is it because he had an A in undergraduate economics class? Or a great reference letter from his first co-op employer? Or maybe he was just lucky?

Maybe. But we definitely doubt it.

Talent, knowledge, hard work – they are all prerequisites for success. But they are not enough. No. They can only carry you so far. After a certain point, it is your confidence and conviction that will allow you to soar. It is your passion and ambition. And more importantly, it is your willingness to put yourself forward. To prove yourself. Those with the ‘right stuff’ get this; they genuinely believe in themselves and are willing to put up a fight to prove it.

Who are LIVE Delegates? They are the ones that ‘get it’. They are the ones that look to the people who inspire them and whose successes they admire, and say to themselves: Why can’t this be me?
And then they go for that dream. Because they, very truly, believe they deserve it and are willing to fight for it.

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