It based on the idea that competition fuels innovation, passion means intensity, and learning should be integrative. Puts you to the test in a practical learning environment like no other.

At the heart of the conference is an intense business competition called the live Challenge. The competition allows delegates to experience the unique opportunity to face tomorrow’s executive decisions today. The challenge is a competition like no other, as the environment will be comprised of intricate factors whereby the decisions of competitors will influence your own. Uniting the areas of Finance, Production, Marketing, Accounting and Strategic Management, the delegate will experience the ultimate business challenge.

The Challenge is set out to emulate a real business environment where in teams of five, delegates take on the role of managing their own company. Each decision made has its consequences and ultimately these decisions affect the bottom line. Delegates must always think strategically and critically about the multiple effects of their business decisions. They must analyze the market carefully, be confident in communicating their judgments, and always be on their toes for what could be around the corner. In the end, teams will be judged objectively in real time at the hands of industry professionals, based on their performance in a competitive marketplace.

There are those who rise up to the challenge and those who drop the ball. The real leaders are the ones who can adapt to obstacles, perform under stress, and keep their eyes on the prize.

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